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The mission of NGO Hands For Ukraine is to help Ukrainian refugees to find a new home in Estonia. The most vulnerable are mothers with small children. They are the ones that need most help and support.


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We accept help from individuals as well as companies. Individuals who wish to offer housing for the refugees, please register and we promise to contact you as soon as possible!

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We help mothers with children find a safe place to live.


Minifestival "Käsikäes Ukrainlastele"

NGO Hands For Ukraine wishes to help refugees, especially mothers and children, by finding them a safe place to live in Estonia.

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It has been said that the war in Ukraine has changed the world as we know it. It is crucial to understand that this drastic event will not cease to exist tomorrow. War does not only mean fightings on the battlefield, the war will not end when the weapons quiet, the consequences of the war may last for decades after the actual hostilites have died down.

One of the most tangible and direct effects of the Ukrainian war that crosses over the country boarders is reflected in the millions of refugees who have had to leave their homes and tens of thousands of them who have arrived in Estonia. This has created a power that is much needed in time of violence and injustice – people’s desire to help other people.

One of the expressions and channels for good will is NGO Hands For Ukraine which aims to help Ukrainian refugees to find a safe place to stay in Estonia. Who knows, maybe even find a new home here.


As the war has changed the Ukranian society in an immense way, the arrival of the refugees has certainly affected us here in Estonia. NGO Hands For Ukraine is focused on helping refugees as well as the Estonian authorities by offering a helping hand for the new people when adjusting into the Estonian society.
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